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Dinner Items

Sushi & Sashimi
Served with either miso soup or salad.

Items Price
Items Price
Nigiri Yokozuna
Sixteen pieces nigiri sushi, a California roll and choice of shrimp tempura or asparagus roll.

Nigiri Deluxe
Nine pieces nigiri sushi and one roll sushi.

Nigiri Regular
Seven pieces nigiri sushi and California roll.

Hosomaki Combination
Tuna, cucumber and California roll.

Eight piece roll with fish, egg and vegetables.

California Dinner
Giant eight piece roll with crab, avocado, cucumber and fish roe.

Assorted fresh fish on a bed of seasoned rice.

Tuna slices on a bed of seasoned rice.

Sakura maki
Sakura’s ichiban jumbo maki (roll)

Sashimi Dinner
Assorted slices of fresh fish and rice.

Sushi - Sashimi Dinner
Large tray of sushi and sashimi delights.

chef’s choice … market priced.

  No Data
Ala Carte
ask for a special ‘check off’ sheet listing all sushi varieties.

  No Data
Japanese Dinners
Served with steamed rice and either miso soup or salad.

Items Price
Items Price
Shrimp Tempura
Deep fried shrimp & vegetables in a golden light batter.

Vegetable Tempura
Deep fried vegetables in a golden light batter.

Fish Teriyaki
Sautéed 7.0 oz. Mahimahi in teriyaki sauce.

Salmon Teriyaki
Sautéed 7 oz. salmon in teriyaki sauce.

Broiled eel with our special sauce.

Chicken Teriyaki
Sautéed boneless chicken in teriyaki sauce.

Steak Teriyaki
Sautéed 8 oz. beef in teriyaki sauce.

Thin slices of beef wrapped around scallions and cheese, sautéed in teriyaki sauce.

Pork Shogayaki
Sliced pork loin sautéed in ginger sauce.

Seafood Teriyaki
Sautéed shrimp, squid & mushrooms.

Thinly sliced beef & onions sautéed in a special soy sauce.

Sea Bass (chile) Teriyaki
Sautéed seabass in teriyaki sauce.

Chicken Cutlets
Deep fried boneless chicken with our special crispy breading.

Fish Cutlets
Deep fried halibut filet with our Special crispy breading.

Sliced beef, tofu and vegetables cooked with sukiyaki sauce.

Sukiyaki for Two
Served together in a large nabe pot.

Shellfish, fish, shrimp, chicken and vegetables in a delicate broth.

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