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For over 20 years Sakura Japanese Restaurant, located on Keystone Ave. and  72nd Street has offered Indianapolis and the world first class Sushi and authentic Japanese food in a warm friendly environment. When you come to Sakura you will notice the unique diversity of our customers covering a multitude of age groups, cultures, and attitudes.

On the same night you may see cutoff jeans and tuxedos, rock musicians and businessmen, classical musicians and professional football players. Take a look at the hundreds of autographs hung on every wall of the restaurant and while you are at it check out the dozens of “Best Sushi” awards. Why do they come here? For the best sushi and Japanese food in Indianapolis, in Indiana, and the world (that’s what some of our customers say).

Here is a typical Friday or Saturday night at Sakura. Our Sushi chefs work frantically to keep up with the sushi orders. Sakura restaurant’s friendly stuffs are working like crazy to juggle the reservations.
The waitresses, who know the menu by heart, scurry from table to table toting huge Japanese beer bottles and cans. They make sure everyone has what they need while the Japanese music in the background can barely be heard behind the increasingly noisy din of friendly conversation. Sushi, like works of art, cascade out from the kitchen on small wooden trays, sushi boats, and huge party platters. Someone leans over from the next table and asks, “What do you call that one?” You explain and before you know it you have a new friend.

Recommendations from Sakura Japanese Restaurant

  • Make reservations, especially Friday and Saturday night (and still be prepared for a little wait. J
  • Learn how to use the Hashi (chopsticks), but don’t be afraid to ask for a fork.
  • Try the Sakura Maki or the Rock-n- Roll at least once.
  • Make it fun and check out a Japanese beer or sake.
  • Don’t worry about what you are wearing or what anyone is wearing.
  • Try a couple of Japanese phrases like kon-ban-wa (good evening) or ar-ri-ga-to (thank you).
  • If you have a good time let us know – if something doesn’t work out right, let us know. We value you. You are the reason we are here.

And if the cashier asks you, “O-i-shi-ka-tta?” (was it delicious?) just smile and say, “hi, o-i-shi-de-su (yes, it was delicious).

Lastly, please kindly fill out our survey.
Always! We love to improve our service and quality.

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